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25 February 2018:

Our OVER Chili feed was a grand success thanks to all the people that came and all the people that donated.  The Band was excellent as you all know if you were there.  Thanks to all the people that donated to the Band (3 Chords and a Cloud of Dust)...they donated all their tips back to OVER.   

All together...we raised over $1200 and we are donating $200 of that money back to the Havelock United Methodist Church for their hospitality and the great job they do helping us with our events.  Thank you Havelock UMC !   

This Spring we have plans to side the rest of the OVER House at 625 S 27th Street.  Drive on by...it is looking much better.  We are doing our part to improve the neighborhood thanks to our donors.

Look for our upcoming events.  We have plans for a Pig Roast in June or July and our 4th Annual Golf Scramble in September.

Friday, 16 June 2017:

We are marching along toward our goal of siding the OVER House. In this process we will employ a siding company from Lincoln, put our volunteers to work and improve the neighborhood that our recovering veterans live and work in ! Pretty awesome.

Good people in Lincoln and businesses have made this all possible. Our annual Chili Feeds and BBQ's have been a success and we are now gearing up for our annual Fall OVER Golf Scramble. Thank you Lincoln !

Sunday, 17 September 2016:

Our 2016 Golf scramble was a great success once again ! Thank you to all who participated. Special thanks to the Jones Family and Shelly Herrod ! It would not have been possible without these people. We raised over $7000 at this event making it our most successful fundraiser of the year ! Not only that, everybody had a great time. We hope you will all come back next year and...if you didn't have a chance to participate this year, we hope you will sign up in 2017 ! Happy New Year everyone !

Saturday, 6 August 2016:

Once again, Bill Chrastil came through for us and raised thousands of dollars toward remodeling the outside of the OVER House ! If you have not caught a Bill Chrastil show...you need to ! Thanks again, Bill !


Sunday, 10 July 2016:

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 6th Annual OVER BBQ it was a grand success and even more so this year because the VA Band showed up and provided great entertainment for the masses !

Special thanks also to Marvin who oversaw the cooking of the pig ! Great job, Marvin...it was very tasty !

We raised about 900 dollars to go toward siding the house and making it a home that veterans and the community can be proud of.

Sunday, 22 May 2016:

We have a new porch in back and new patio furniture ! Thank you ! Before our new patio...it was just a mud hole. (Click on pics to enlarge).




Sunday, 6 March 2016:

Wow. It has been a while since our last progress note and a lot has happened over the Winter. We have residents and they are in recovery and enjoying the new OVER House. The Garage Sale went well and the Chili Feed was also a success as usual. We are continuing our progress and hope to be able to afford new siding and landscaping soon. We will keep you posted.

Sunday, 14 December 2015:

We have new residents ! After some trial and tribulation and a lot of learning along the way, the OVER House now has some new residents in Recovery ! Good luck to our new residents ! It will work if you want it and work it !

Sunday, 29 November 2015:

A big thank you to Bob and all the people that helped make the OVER Garage Sale a big success ! Bob and his crew raised over $ 700 for OVER !

Sunday, 17 October 2015:

A big THANK YOU to Bill Chrastil. Once again he put on a fantastic show and donated the proceeds to OVER ! Bill raised over $ 3000 for OVER. Thanks again, Bill !

Tuesday, 22 September 2015:

The Golf Scramble for 2015 was a great success ! We raised over 6000 dollars and everybody had a great time ! Special thanks to Gary Jones, Pam Jones, Shelly Herrod, and their respective family and friends. Without them, this never could have happened. Thank you to all who participated !

Sunday, 13 September 2015:

The Golf Scramble for 2015 is all filled up ! Thanks to this year's early registrants ! Sign up early next year !

Friday, 9 July 2015:

Wow ! Things are moving along pretty fast ! Today we accepted $ 500 from "Because People Matter." Because people matter is a non-profit organization founded by Mike and Barb Anderson of Anderson Ford. Thank you ! They may also be able to provide our organization with transportation. Stay tuned !


Friday, 4 July 2015:

On the 4th of July at the Havelock United Methodist Church, OVER raised a US Flag and erected tents for the Block Party at the Church.  Fun was had by all and we really appreciate all the things the people at Havelock United Methodist have done for us !


Friday, 3 July 2015:

More progress today ! Just got off the phone with Gary. He has not gotten a "no" yet. I have been filling out online forms and sending contact information to Gary and he has been going and seeing people. Some people have even called him.

We got our first "official" foursome ! "Official" means they sent in the form with a check ! YES ! Gary said they saw the Flyer on a Facebook post that I had posted and Gary re-posted. We are on our way fellas ! Go to our web site and at the top of each page there is a sharing icon. Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter !

I will be putting together more Sales packets. If you have not got one in your email yet, let me know. It is all word of mouth only, in today's world, they call it Facebook and Twitter. Send the flyer out and ask your friends to send it out too. Maybe your friends don't play golf, but maybe they know someone who does.

I stopped by Great Western Bank yesterday (my branch; North 27th) and US Bank (OVER's branch; North 27th) and dropped off packets (4 pages to include the Simple flyer) and just asked the person there to please give the packet to the decision maker. Pretty easy stuff. So, you might hear from those people too Gary.

I walked into Burger King today and John C. who has already donated money saw me and he gave me another $170 that I deposited at the bank today.

More news to come in a separate email titled "Anderson Ford Mazda !"


On Sunday, 28 June 2015, OVER held it's 5th Annual OVER BBQ with pulled pork:

The BBQ on 28 June 2015 was a grand success !  Lots of great fellowship, an awesome speaker and we raised hundreds of dollars for the vets at the OVER House !  Scroll below for more on this awesome event ! 

Click here to go to Channel 8's website and watch the video of the OVER BBQ ! Go OVER !


Click here to go to Channel 8's website and watch the video of the OVER BBQ ! Go OVER !


As of 15 May 2015 the OVER House is now officially OPEN !

Click here to download and play the video on the Open House from Channel 8 !


Click here to print the Story from Channel 8 on our Open House.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015:

Wednesday night was our first meeting at the Village Inn. 8 of us were in attendance including 4 Board members and 4 members at large. Much was accomplished and everyone enjoyed the fellowship ! Welcome Robert ! We are sure you will do a great job as our new Facebook and Social Media engineer !

Wednesday, 22 April 2015:

We are now registered with Amazon Smile. Whenever you shop at Amazon...go to www.OVERNow.org first and click on the Amazon Smile Banner on our website. That way...OVER will get a small percentage of whatever you buy.  Thanks in advance. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015:

Spoke with Ron Bouwens (our Maintenance Manager) last night.  Block and Beam is nearly done with our basement.  Our house won't run the risk of falling down anymore !  Nothing better than a good foundation for any program !

Sunday, 30 March 2015:

The O.V.E.R. house is officially open for business !  The house can fit 4 veterans comfortably and up to 6 in an emergency.  Thank you to all that helped make this house a reality !

Monday, 23 March 2015:

Ron Bouwens contracted with Block and Beam of Lincoln, NE to do the work on the basement !

Tuesday, 10 March 2015:

We just got approved for a grant to get our basement at the OVER House fixed ! Special thanks to Dusty Lord, Marlene Sorenson, Phyllis McCaul, CJ Johnson and all at Region V Systems and the Consumer Family Coalition for helping us secure this grant. Now the work begins !

Sunday, 22 February 2015:

The kitchen has new cabinets and a new sink !  Main floor bathroom is finished ! Thanks to all of our donors for getting us to this point !

Carpeting and flooring should be done this week.  Thanks, ahead of time to Carpet Land for completing this project at a great price !  www.Carpetlandonline.com

Tuesday, 10 February 2015:

Our request for funding passed the first step today.  It was approved by  the Consumer Family Coalition (CFC).  Now it goes on to the administrators at Region V.  Not sure how long that takes, but it should not be too long.  We'll see.  Good news so far.  Hopefully we will get them to work on the basement soon !

Thank you to the CFC at Region V !  www.consumerfamilycoalition1.org

Sunday, 25 January 2015:

Our annual Chili Feed was once again a grand success.  Hawk mentioned that perhaps next time we should have a little music with the chili !?!  Special thanks to Danny for his generous donation !

Sunday, 4 January 2015:

Ron, Fred and Ed are working on getting a new estimate for the basement.  Work should begin this Spring.

Matt got an estmate for cabinet from Home Depot at approximately $1000.  This amount was approved by the board and Matt will install them with help from Thomas and Marvin.

Matt got an estimate for flooring and carpeting for the entire house at approximately $3000.  This amount was approved by the board.

Friday, 26 December 2014:

Ok, talked to Matt today at Berry Law Firm.  Matt would like to move the meeting on Sunday, 4 January 2015 @ 2:00 PM at the OVER House, 625 S. 27th Street, Lincoln, NE.  That way, I can participate for an hour before I go to work and all of us will be able to take a tour of the house.
The presentation at the Berry Law Firm went very well.  It was fun talking to the Berry's and hopefully his secretary will send us photos of our time with Mr. Berry.
Thanks Matt, Ron and Ed for being there !

Saturday, 7 November 2014:

Spoke with Matt this week.  He needs help painting, finishing the cabinets and with the flooring.  This week we also put in for a grant from the Mental Health Association to get our basement reinforced and fixed.  Things are moving along !

Wednesday, 8 October 2014:

Talked to Marvin last night and he said the Drywall will be done by Monday !  Going to be ready for paint.  We have spent a lot of time tearing the place down...now...we are building it back up with everybody's help.  Thanks !

Friday, 22 August 2014:

Exciting events coming up for OVER !

Found out today that tomorrow (23 August) there is going to be another window party at the house.  All help is appreciated and needed. 
I went over to the OVER house today to take a look at the basement with a Thrasher Basement man.  Marvin was there as well.  He looked at the basement and gave us an estimate for the South wall which is the wall that needs replacing the most according to Marvin.  We have a written copy of the estimate.
While at the house, Marvin pointed out that the electrical in the house has been inspected by the City and approved !  Way to go, everyone !  Special thanks to the IBEW !

Also, Bill Chrastil is going to do a show for us in Ashland !  Last time Bill did this he raised about $ 3000 for OVER !  Flyer coming soon.
Randy Meyer is going to have a benefit in our honor during the weekend of the Miami game and a re-draw for the Extreme Heisman Football.  There was a drawing during the BBQ, but...we could not find the winner.  Hence, the re-draw.
Also coming up is the Garage Sale.  Bob wants to know if we want to change the hours at all.  Last year was 9am - 5 PM.  He would like your thoughts.  Andria has been kind enough to donate a Washer and Dryer Set to us.  We have to decide on the price we are going to want for it?

20 July 2014 from Channel 8:


Click on the story to enlarge !



4th of July 2014:

OVER Supported the Havelock United Methodist Church during the 4th of July with supervising games for the kids and setting up and tearing down all the tents and setting up and tearing down our beautiful Flag.  Fun was had by all !  God bless America !


Saturday, 27 April 2014: 

The main floor at the OVER House has now been gutted thanks to Matt, Marvin, Thomas and the gentlemen from the Lutheran Fraternity at UNL: Delta Beta Sig !  Thanks to everyone that donated or helped. Check out the Delta Betasig website at:  http://delta.betasig.org/ 

Enjoy the slideshow and video:                        

Click here for the video of work being done at the OVER House !

Click here for a slide show of work at the OVER House.

Saturday, 29 March 2014: 

Thanks to all...the upstairs of the OVER house has all new windows !  Thanks to everyone that donated or helped !

Saturday, 22 March 2014:  

Working Hard !
We are going to any lengths !

What...no safety glasses !?!

As you can see from the picture...we are working hard for a possible Grand Opening in May or June !  

Thanks to everyone that showed up on the 22nd of March 2014 to help put some more new windows in at 625 S. 27th (The OVER House).  In attendance were Glenn Bailey, Matt Lewis, Thomas, Ron Bouwens, Marvin, Fred, Hawk and Jerry.  Special thanks to Roger Paul of Roger Paul Construction for letting us borrow his break.  We are a little bit closer to our Grand Opening !

Wednesday, 26 February 2014:                            

Thanks to everyone that showed up on the 26th of February 2014 to help put new windows in at 625 S. 27th (The OVER House).  In attendance were Jeff Wathen, Rob, Steve Loe, Seth, Glenn Bailey, James "Montana" Henderson and Fred Marks.  Thanks to all of you we got three new windows in !  We are getting there !

0900, Wednesday, 26 February 2014:                            


Come take a tour of the OVER house at 625 S. 27th Street. (It's the one with the US Flag out front).  Soon, this will be the new transitional living home of Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery !  Jeff Wathen (a veteran) will be installing new windows on the 2nd floor.  Once this is done, Home Depot has agreed to finish the insulation and drywall.  Come see our progress and how you might be able to help !  Come help veterans help themselves !  Come on OVER !

For more information call Fred at: 402-730-5153.   

Sunday, 23 February 2014:                            

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the 2014 OVER Soup and Chili Feed !  It was a grand success, as usual, thanks to you and everyone on the OVER Board of Directors.  We raised about 300 dollars and we are organizing a group of veterans, led by Jeff Wathen, to get the new windows installed !

Sunday, 30 November 2013:                            

Click here to take a tour of the OVER House and the progress we have made thanks to you and your donations !

On 29 and 30 November a lot of help showed up to help gut the 2nd floor of the OVER House and prepare it for insulation.  Thanks to the boys from the IBEW and the Boy Scouts of America and others...we are well on our way !  We still have a long way to go of course, but thank you to everyone that has contributed to our mission up to this date !

Click here to take a tour of the OVER House and the progress we have made thanks to you and your donations !

29 and 30 November 2013:                        

We will be gutting the whole upstairs at the O.V.E.R. House on the
weekend of the 29th and 30th of this month. Matt will have a roll off
box in place that weekend. Just got through talking to Matt and we feel
that it would be helping the electric guys a lot to get this done. Then
we could insulate the walls and work on putting in some windows. So if
you can be there that would be great ! Share the word !!!   Thanks, Let me know if you can make this so I have an
idea of who to will be there. 
Call "Hawk" at 402-532-2013 or 402-310-0160

11 November 2013:

We have two furnaces hooked up thanks to Ron Wahl of Arctic Heating and Air !  He is working on hooking up two Air Conditioners ! We have heat !
Why two of each?  The house used to be two apartments.  The duct work is set up for two separate apartments.  So, it made sense to put in two furnaces and two air conditioners.  The cost of redoing the duct work would have been ridiculous.
With Ron's help...we got 'er done !!!

31 October 2013:

One Furnas is set and the electrician is getting it wired !  Our current veteran tenant should have heat soon !

20 October 2013:

The Brothers at I.B.E.W. Local 265 are here now wiring the upstairs. Life is good. We are in the final stages of getting ready to "pull the trigger " on the HVAC. Holding out for one more bid. We should have heat within 2 weeks. We will keep everyone posted. 

30 September 2013: 

The professional gutter guys at Roger Paul Construction donated seemless gutters and downspoats and donated their labor too !!!  You can contact Roger Paul Construction at www.RogerPaulConstruction.com  !!!  Thanks, Roger !

15 September 2013:

The new electrical line has been dropped into the house and a 220 amp box has been installed.  Matt is working with the IBEW to update the electrical system throughout the house.  We are currently taking bids for a new furnace and a new air conditioner.  All of this thanks to you and your donations !  Thank you.  We are making progress !

9 August 2013:
We have the electrical line to the house updated and a new 220 electrical box thanks to your donations.  This was the first step as we could not work on the house with fuses blowing all the time.  Thanks to you we now have updated electrical power to the house !

1 January 2013:

OVER received a donated house from a WWII veteran.  We are currently raising money for needed repairs to this house.  This house is the new home of OVER veterans.  It is our intention that this house will eventually be self supporting.  It is a blessing that we no longer have to pay rent.  We are homeowners !  However, as all homeowners know...we have repairs and maintenance that need to be done and we have utilities that need to be paid.  So...the fight goes on !  We need your help to win !  Please contact us and/or donate !  To those of you that have already donated and helped...THANK YOU !  Please continue to support us  :)

The new OVER House is at 625 S. 27th Street in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska !!!  Call us for a free tour !