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A brief History:

The Lincoln Substance Use Disorders Program (SUDP) staff saw a very important need in the treatment of addiction for veterans. Their professional experience in dealing with veterans, and active duty soldiers, caused them to see the need for more than just treatment for substance abuse.

There is a saying in the recovery community that one must want to be sober for oneself, but, that would mean that the person would have to feel some sense of worth.  The alcoholic/addict not only has to face feelings of guilt and shame from the wreckage of the past, but also a mountain of problems caused by addiction: financial devastation, family relationships in ruin, legal problems, homelessness and mental and physical issues. Just to name a few. Many have been in substance abuse treatment programs before.  Not only were the problems overwhelming, knowing where to get help posed another problem.

The staff recognized that in order for one to want to be sober, a person must have hope !  So, along with the alumni of the SUDP, they created the Promise House and the Promise Program.  Their belief was that if they could help veterans and soldiers find solutions; not just treatment, they would begin to see their problems diminish.  They could feel hope.  With hope comes continued sobriety.

In April 2008, the Lincoln Substance Use Disorders Program (SUDP) was awarded funds for a pilot program for supportive housing through the Innovations Program of the VA.  The Promise House, as it became known, opened on July 21, 2008 with the first placement. At $27 a day, the monies covered the cost of housing 6 veterans for a minimum of 90 days a year. 

Along with housing, the Promise Program was created to focus on the various needs and deficits in the veteran's life due to substance abuse.  The goal of the proposal was to not only demonstrate the need for structured living in Lincoln, but also to demonstrate that improving the quality life for veterans can have a positive effect on continued sobriety. 

Unfortunately, funding for this program was discontinued.  Hence, OVER continues its mission, trying to fill the void left by a lack of funding for the Promise House. We feel that responsibility, and the honesty contained in the 12-steps, lead to recovery.

The OVER program is now run by its members.  The majority of members are graduates of the Lincoln VA SUDP program, but there are also members of the recovery community at large who are either veterans themselves or concerned about the well being of veterans in recovery.

The Staff at the Lincoln VA SUDP is no longer involved with OVER.  However, they support us and we support them.  We are grateful to the VA and especially the Lincoln VA SUDP for our recovery.

Sadly, the Promise House was closed, but graduates of the VA SUDP in Lincoln, Nebraska took it upon themselves to form a non-profit called Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery or OVER for short.

During the last 4 years, OVER had a house donated to them. The house at 625 S. 27th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska was in serious disrepair, but the OVER organization raised money through BBQ's, garage sales, and various fundraisers. With the support of the community, the hard work of various individuals, organizations and small businesses, OVER has taken an eye sore in the community and turned it into something veterans and the rest of the community can be proud of. This house can house 4 veterans in recovery comfortably and house up to 6 in an emergency.

This house is owned and operated by OVER. OVER board members vowed that what happened to the Promise House and the veterans it housed will never happen again. When the government funding fell through for the veterans of the Promise House…8 veterans were put out on the street. OVER realizes that our government cannot meet all the needs of all of its citizens. Not even veterans. The veterans of OVER, being proud and talented, took it upon themselves to insure that the veterans of the OVER House will not only have a place to stay, but that they will become members of OVER and actually own a piece of the their recovery house.

Thank you, to all, for supporting the OVER House !

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