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Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery

Mission Statement:

We are veterans helping veterans to establish and maintain long term independence from alcohol and/or drugs.  We have opened a transitional living house in Lincoln, NE for veterans only.  We know, by our experience, that no one can help a veteran like another veteran.

Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery’s mission is to fund a transitional living home free from drugs and alcohol in Lincoln, Nebraska and return productive veterans to the community. 

At this time we cannot house female veterans, but we support all veterans by directing them and guiding them to VA services, local rehab, restoration services and recovery programs.  We have one female veteran on our board and female staff at the VA waiting to help female veterans in need.

This 501 (c) 3 was founded by alumni of the Lincoln VA Substance Use Disorders Program (SUDP).

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What makes the OVER House different from other transitional living houses for recovery?

1) We are the only house in Nebraska (or the country for that matter) that is owned and operated by veterans for veterans.

2) The Board of Directors for Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery (OVER) is comprised completely of veterans that completed treatment at the Lincoln VA SUDP.

3) No one on the Board of Directors gets paid. In fact they donate their time and money to the OVER House.

4) Financing for the OVER House comes from fundraisers organized by OVER, private individuals, Corporations and Organizations in the local community.

5) Rent is 300 dollars a month and includes all utilities. Similar transition houses are for profit and rent is more expensive.

6) Veterans will be with other veterans and we know that veterans have a unique bond, a code of ethics and the soldiers creed.

7) Our veterans will work the 12 steps and 12 traditions laid out for us by Bill W. and Bob S. and they will come to know a Spiritual plan of action to Recovery.

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